Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yah's "Prophetic word" to Daniel John Lee...false accusations EXPOSED!

Many of these accusations were proven to be false by the actual people accused, but this false prophet not only slandered them without proof or other witnesses, but used Yahweh's authority to speak it!  Please see his article below and the facebook comments following in red.

The Most Controversial Article I Have Ever Written

At approximately 2:30 this morning, Yahweh commanded me to get out of bed.
I did not want to do this, because I have a long, fun day planned with my 3 oldest children throughout the 1st day of the week (12/12/2010).  Yet Yahweh said -- Daniel, I will give you the strength to be with your children tomorrow, NOW GET OUT OF BED AND WRITE!!!
In order to be an authentic leader/teacher of the Hebrew Roots (Messianic movement), you must not only teach correct doctrine, you must OBEY what you teach.   The following specific ministries have FAILED to do this.
1.  Michael Rood -- to this day he continues to launch sales on his items, starting on Thursdays -- GOING THROUGH shabbat, usually ending on Sundays or Mondays.  This encourages people to BUY on shabbat.  Michael Rood REJECTS the correct Hebrew calendar in favor of the Yahshua-hating Nehemia Gordon who is an anti-christ devil.   Michael Rood FAILS the test.
2.  Don Esposito -- I have met Don personally and spoken to him one on one.  He chooses to HIDE his blue tzit tzit in his pants.  He will not show them outwardly when he is dressed in business suits.  This is WICKEDNESS.  He also is engineering a "return to the land" program where he is wickedly trying to gather Ephraim and Judah to the physical land of Israel, just as the Luciferians desire. Don Esposito FAILS THE TEST!
3.  Jim Staley -- Stephanie and Greg Ross gave me a DVD of this teacher last summer.  When I watched the DVD I was so amazed at how much awesome truth he was teaching.  Then, just a few weeks later, Jim Staley held a conference in Salem, Oregon -- only an hour south of where I live.  To my horror and dismay, I discovered Jim Staley flagrantly violated the shabbat by having hotel workers work for him and other members of his conference!  Jim Staley FAILS THE TEST! 

(Commentator's comments in blue...)
Here was the Staley's response on someone's FB wall...
Yahweh is our judge; thank the far as the accusations on Daniel's website about my husband hosting a conference in Portland and making the hotel workers work for him is false. We were invited (not hosting) to come speak and we put the do not disturb sign on the door on Sabbath, so as not to have anyone cleaning/working for us. Food was provided at conference by the staff. It was stated on Daniel's website that these accusations were..."Thus saith the Lord to Daniel". Just saying...for sure on that one...Yahweh would have been lying to Daniel. We did not have hotel work for us and we did not host the conference. If you see a brother in sin you are to go to HIM...not slander with false accusations. This was a "failed test" unfortunately. Daniel should not be asking people through FB questions about other's integrity and base his accucations on someone else's word. That is gossip to accept information from someone else and spread it as if it were true. These distractions are from the enemy guys, and par for the course. Be on guard. Also, first hand...know that all three of our conferences now, we have had marketplace closed on Shabbat. We bring our own food for Sabbath, etc. When my daughter surprises me by cleaning my room and making my bed...I'm sure glad I don't scold her for the pillows looking messed up. I would crush her for trying and she would never try again because she would believe I was not pleased. Yahweh is pleased in the try...we are all on a journey to walk in the Spirit and live and breathe His commandments, but as soon as man takes the Spirit out of it for you and begins placing his thoughts as to exactly how you are to live out the commandments...that is what the Pharisees did. Would we be so bold to scold and accuse Yeshua for pulling an ox out of the ditch on Sabbath? I hope not. The Pharisees made the commandments into man-made doctrines, not Yahweh's commandments lived out through the leading of the Spirit. I would love to believe that we are all here to love, encourage, and gently rebuke one another as to all be on the same team, but some are out to steal, kill, and destroy and it grieves my heart. I will not be discouraged or destroyed, for my Yahweh is bigger than mans ways. Blessings to you all and much shalom...

Daniel says this to her...I no for a FACT you did host the St. Louis conference and at this conference YOU did willfully enter into a covenant with the hotel that VIOLATED the shabbat.  (THIS conference he knows for a fact, clearly the other one "spoken by Yah" he was pre-judging.  And now, once again, he dodges the fact that his "prophetic word" about the Salem conference was a falsehood.)  Also, my Word was not about your conference in Portland, ...Cheryl.  My Word was about your meeting in Salem.  You are a liar and a fraud.  And you are now EXPOSED.
Cheryl says this to Daniel...
Yes, we did host St. Louis, I did not say we didn't. As for "Portland", you are was "Salem". My brain went to Portland as that is where we flew into, but we did drive to Salem for the conference. Here is your exact quote..." Then, just a few weeks later, Jim Staley held a conference in Salem, Oregon -- only an hour south of where I live." A simple location mistake does not make me a liar and fraud. But my point remains...we did not host a SALEM conference as you say we did and we did not make the hotel work for us on Sabbath. Your statement is false and needs to be removed and apologized for. I'm sorry you feel the way you do about us. May Yahweh give you peace in your heart to look within to see if you are really helping His kingdom or hurting people who love Yahweh. I'm sure you probably have a lot of good information, but you cut people to pieces and I just don't understand this. We are all supposed to be striving together for the kingdom's sake, lifting up and encouraging one another not to give up the fight. You just want us all destroyed. Why don't you expose all the good and pray for what you think is the bad? Isn't that what a true brother in Christ will do for you? I will be doing this for you...for you would be a powerful instrument on this side if you just had love. ALL the commandments (you say you keep so well and He is "very very very" pleased with) HANG off of loving Yahweh and your neighbor. As for now...slander, gossip, assumptions, accusations, not going to your brother, finding everyone else's speck when the plank is coming so clearly from you eye, not caring about people, etc. is not loving your neighbor or Yahweh. I think you need to remember the very basics, my friend.

Daniel says this to her...
I do love. And I do encourage those who are standing in purity.  But when you and your husband willfully agree with a hotel that allows workers to work on the shabbat to serve food that must be bought and sold -- do you not see how ...much this grieves the Ruach?  As for your meeting in Salem -- I did not get this info from another person on FB. Remember, I live right next to Salem -- only an hour to the north.  I discovered your conference in Salem and was actually very joyful for I thought -- wow, I just got their DVD from my friends, I need to go and attend this conference!  And then, to my dismay, as I saw what you and your husband had planned, you guys described this huge set up of a Bedoiun Tent being set up right next to the hotel. It clearly detailed how hotel staff would help and serve food.  I do not understand why you are lying about this, as I am only going by what you and your husband clearly advertised the event to be.  Care to explain?  By the way -- my Word did not say you officially hosted the conference in Salem. I said you held a conference. Please don't try to twist Yah's prophetic Word against me. And it is true -- you and your husband did hold a conference in Salem, Oregon.
Cheryl says this...
I would love to explain...thanks for the opportunity (although, coming to us initially would have been biblical and loving your neighbor, and would also not have born false witness), but I am not your judge. First, Jim and I were INVITED to the Salem conference as a speaker. The wonderful people putting it on, own an old space at a mall and THEY served us joyfully, the bedoiun feast, NOT HOTEL STAFF! I really wish you would get your information straight from the source, as this makes you look non-credible. As far as me twisting "Yah's prophetic Word" against you...I'm sorry, but "held a conference" and "host a conference" are the exact same thing. We did not HOLD or HOST a conference, so both ways are false. We were invited, ATTENDED, and spoke. And when and where did you hear Jim describe the huge set up of tent, detailing how hotel staff would help and serve food? Please quote your source, as this is made up.

One more question...Do you shop at Walmart or any other stores? Using your logic...(that Jim "Agree(d) with a hotel that allows workers to work on Shabbat") Last I checked, almost all stores/hotels break Shabbat by working on it, and if YOU shop at Walmart, you are supporting their conduct whether you shop on Shabbat or not. We are not responsible for what the hotel staff decide to do on Shabbat-they do not know any better. We are responsible for ourselves and our own actions...and we certainly do not report to any man. The Spirit will lead us in all things, but unfortunately you do not believe this. And if you ONLY encourage those "standing in purity" then I feel sorry for the people that you street witness to and all the brothers in Christ who are doing their very best to be a light and follow Torah. We are ALL on a JOURNEY to get it right (even you, as these posts attest to) one can be perfect, but is He we are to STRIVE to be like. I really just wanted to clear the false accusations you've stated against us, not take the bait in debating with you and allowing the enemy to distract me from what's important in this life...Yahweh, family, brothers in Christ, ministering, and most of all Love. I do pray you will stop these attacks and become a true light who displays LOVE through the keeping of His commandments...not hatred, judgement, slander, and false accusations. No one is moved by your "love", my friend.

Daniel says this...Cheryl --Wow, you are so incredibly evil. Mainly because you try to sound so pure.  You and Jim held a conference in a hotel and that hotel allowed people to buy and sell on the shabbat.  Why can you not host a conference on Sunday?  Why can you not host a conference in the MIDDLE of the week? Those who REALLY love Truth will take off work to attend.  Why must you CONTINUE to make one excuse after another as to why it is okay for you and your husband, who supposedly should be raising a HIGH STANDARD OF TORAH, to fornicate spiritually with a hotel -- who BREAKS SHABBAT?  Do you realize the babes in the faith who came to YOUR conference, and who bought and sold on the shabbat, because they did not know any better? AND THIS IS YOUR FAULT! You set up the conditions to allow this to happen!  If you had instead held the conference on Sunday or, better yet, during the middle of the week -- YOU would NOT have provided the conditions for BABES to break Torah.  HOW GRIEVING you are to the Ruach ha Kadosh! How grieving you and your husband are! Do you not see that you make a mockery the very Torah you claim to adore? Do you not see you OPENLY CRUCIFY THE MESSIAH with your sloppy and willful rebellion to the Torah?  Yah rebuke you and your husband, I will not.
So then the wall of the person this is posted on, says this..."I'm just getting back from work and I come to see this.  THREAD CLOSED!"  (He then takes Daniel off his friends list right after, which is extremely rare for him to do).
Then shortly after, I went to Daniel's wall to read this:  "Update from the Battle Front -- My prophetic Word against the Messianic and Hebrew Roots movement has so shaken their kingdoms, that now Jim Staley has sent his wife to confront me.  (Cheryl told me Jim knew nothing about her postings until later that night and that Jim doesn't even do FB because it consumes too much time.  Jim did not send his wife.  Another false accusation made up by this false prophet.)
Daniel John Lee says...She (Cheryl) defends them entering into an agreement with the hotel in breaking shabbat by saying that Messiah only asks us to try and do what is right, but we may stumble at time. Wrong. YahShua said there is no try -- only do or do not. See Matthew 5:48.

Daniel John Lee...YahShua did NOT work on the shabbat. He NEVER did. Healing is not work.  Entering into an agreement with a hotel which buys and sells food on shabbat IS WORK and YahShua -- who was, is and is to come -- WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING!  NEVER.  (I read on Daniel's wall where he says this to a sister who's asking about what exactly are we commanded to do or not do on Sabbath...Daniel John Lee says this to her:)  "It is easier to go by what we are NOT allowed to do on shabbat.  We are NOT allowed to buy and sell.  We are NOT allowed to kindle a fire to cook food.  We are NOT allowed to cause others to work for us.  Other than that -- THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!!!" (The Staley's clearly stated that they did not have anyone work for them, but Daniel adds to the law of God and tells the Staley's that THEY were responsible for the "babes in Christ" that made purchases at the hotel on Sabbath.  He states the biblical requirements to this woman on FB and then adds to it when addressing the Staley's.)  Shortly after, Daniel says on his wall..."I offered to meet with the 2 of them so that they might be restored to the one true faith. So far, she has not responded to my offer."  (Since I did not see this offer mentioned on the wall that these posts came from, Cheryl's wall, nor Daniel's, I wanted to know if this was true...Cheryl said there was no such offer.  So another made up lie!)

Daniel John Lee  -- the reason Yah had me publically proclaim the wickedness of these leaders can be found in Ezekiel 2:3-4.  There is much confusion and murkiness right now within the Messianic and Hebrew Roots movement, this ought not to be.  My prophetic Word was given that it might pierce through the cloud.  (HIS PROPHETIC WORD WAS TOTALLY FALSE!)  It this brings Jim Staley and his wife to repentance, then I will be overjoyed.

4.  Rico Cortez -- He REFUSES to put blue fringes in his tzit tzit per Numbers 15:37.  Cortez FAILS THE TEST!
So after slandering this "Prophetic Word" about Rico all over FB which clearly states "from Yahweh" that Rico REFUSES to put blue fringes in his tzit tzit...a dear friend of his says this:  (her name inserted here) has visited with our long time friend Rico and he confirms that he does wear blue in his tzit tzit's as commanded. He also said "if you don't agree with something I say, please show me the scripture or bring it to my attention and I will repent and change it". Praise YHWH!!
 (Another person says)  ‎:) Praise YAH!
(And another says) Thank you for solving the mystery once and for all. ;-)
(another person) thanks so much for going to the source and asking... we should all take an example from that! :)
Daniel John Lee  says...Give him my number. He needs to be rebuked for wearing such light colored blue that they LOOK white -- scripture tells us to avoid the very appearance of evil and he is not avoiding this. I need to give him a stern rebuke!
(So now the "prophetic word" has gone from "refusal" to wear blue, to now Rico has a "light colored blue" that looks white.)  I looked at a picture of Rico on Stephanie Ross FB and his blue thread in his Tzit Tzit is very blue, not even remotely light blue.  I also saw another picture from the STL conference and it is a very noticable blue thread.  Please see pictures below of Rico's true blue thread in his tzit tzit's and judge for yourself whether they are blue and clearly showing.  Sadly, even after all those last posts of being proven wrong...he continued to say this:  "Thus saith YahShua who is Yahweh manifest in the flesh to Rico Cortez (ie. Daniel John Lee) -- HOW I DESPISE YOU! You wear such light colored blue, that your tzit tzit look white -- just like the talmudic jews! I discern the thoughts and intents of heart! You, Rico, do this in order to blend in with the orthdox! I will SPEW you from My mouth if you do not repent!!!!!!"  Daniel does not even humbly denounce his "Prophetic Word" (false accusation) on Rico's "REFUSAL" to wear blue, he moves on to more of "Thus saith YahShua" statements, turning things around to now "light blue" accusations... clearly avoiding his original "word from Yah" which was Rico's "REFUSAL" to wear blue, which is clearly false.  And just so Daniel doesn't try and twist things to say that Rico found out about these accusations and NOW wears real blue...those pictures were taken BEFORE Rico knew of these accusations.  These are only two out of the 14 accusations that I have first-hand information and have "checked" into for myself...who knows how many other ones are false.  In any case, is it really our place to play Holy Spirit for our brethren and not let the Holy Spirit do his own job?  Does He really lead and teach us in all things or has that task been transfered to Daniel John Lee to do for us?  False Prophets are judged very strictly.  To use yourself as Yahweh's mouthpiece is a dangerous thing if the word or accusations turn out to be false!  Prophet's were stoned to death for this!  Please be careful who you listen to and follow, make sure there are two or three witnesses for any accusations, and make sure that person has gone to his brother first before slandering their name for the world to see. 

5.  Brad Scott -- During a conference he hosted this past summer of 2010, he openly and flagrantly SOLD ITEMS DURING THE DAY OF SHABBAT.  Brad Scott FAILS THE TEST!
6.  Scot Dryer --  In a personal confrontation I had with Scot Dryer, Scot said it was perfectly fine to violate the shabbat by having caterers and hotel workers serve lunch for a Messianic conference.  Scot Dryer FAILS THE TEST!!!! 
7.  Andrew Roth -- Andrew is a kabbalistic devil who openly and brazenly sells his book in order for the "uninitiated" to learn the so called "secret knowledge" he possesses.  Andrew Roth FAILS THE TEST!
8.  Eddie Chumney -- This man clearly teaches in his book that "yeshu"  (which is a curse word that Jews use to blot out the name of YahShua) will appear on the Mount of Olives once all of Ephraim and Judah have physically regathered in the land.  He is playing right into the hands of the Luciferians who desire this. Chumney FAILS THE TEST!
9.  Monte Judah --  This man is close partners with Eddie Chumney and believes in the same Luciferian devilish doctrine of physically trying to regather Ephraim and Judah into the land of ISrael in order to bring about the appearance of "yeshua" -- who will actually be the New Age Anti Messiah.  Monte Judah FAILS THE TEST.
10.  Bill Cloud -- Is listed as a recommended ministry on Eddie Chumney's website.  Thus, Bill Cloud is guilty by associating with Eddie Chumney's Luciferian beliefs.  Bill Cloud has not practiced righteous discernment or judgment.  Bill Cloud FAILS THE TEST!
11.  Joseph Dumond -- In a letter Dumond wrote in 2009, he also clearly says he supports and desires a regathering of Judah and Ephraim into the physical land of Israel.  He is playing right into the SAME Luciferian trap that Eddie Chumney is leading people into.  Joseph Dumond FAILS THE TEST.
12. Avi Ben Mordechai -- He used to peddle a very kabbalistic book called MEssiah 3, and he questions and puts doubt on the virgin birth of YahShua from Mary (Miriam).  Avi Ben Mordechai FAILS THE TEST!
13.  Moshe Conuchowski -- Believes in the lunar -- loony sabbath -- Moshe FAILS THE TEST!
14.  Norman Willis -- who is author of the book -- a post millenial return, in which he also advocates a physical regathering of Judah and Ephraim into the land of Israel -- which is nothing but a Luciferian lie that will draw people into "spiritual sodom and gomorrah -- aka Israel" to bow before yeshu or yeshua the anti messiah.
I, Daniel John Lee, by the power and authority of YahShua ha Maschiach, do declare that the above Messianic teachers and leaders are servants of the devil and, if they do not repent, will ultimately be destroyed by Yahweh.
Faithfully delivered on this 6th day of the 9th Hebrew month. 

Please see other quotes from this so called prophet... (Daniel John Lee) who slanders, name calls, and treats believers in Messiah horribly.


  1. Shalom!
    You wrote: “I, Daniel John Lee, by the power and authority of YahShua ha Maschiach, do declare that the above Messianic teachers and leaders”

    Many are the persons claiming to have the authority to have the authority of the Messiah.

    A Mashiakh (Messiah) must teach according to Torah according to Devarim 13:1-6 in order to be a valid prophet. This includes the subordination to a beit-din.

    To follow Ribi Yehoshua one needs to become one of his Netzarim-followers (Link (the only legitimate Netzarim)). The followers of Ribi Yehoshua have always been subordinated to a beit din ha-Netzarim (and the paqid of the beit-din ha-Netzarim is now Paqid Yirmeyahu Ben-Dawid in Ra’anana in Israel). Learn more in the above Netzarim-website – including proof of this statement. This is required in order to obey the teachings of Ribi Yehoshua.

    Anders Branderud

  2. You should know Daniel Lee was just arrested tonight in Alaska on outstanding warrants in Oregon State on charges of violent threats on state authorities as well as his 2 ex wives...guess Daniel Lee FAILS THE TEST!!!

  3. Its too bad legislators haven't introduced a bill that would allow the courts to deport religious extremists to some remote island where they can no longer spread insanity to others...

  4. This is my short term opinion on this. Daniel employs a different measuring stick than 'Born Again Believers'. I am not sure if he calls himself Messianic or not but that's what we call them. Jesus is a Jew. I am okay with all of that. I think what some may believe is anger/rudeness may just be rebuke with authority. Jesus didn't talk very kindly to the money changers either. I don't know Daniel well enough yet and I have had some people watch him with me that I know are not walking as a disciple and they said that same thing. I am not inferring that is related just an observation. I will reserve overall judgement using the discernment of the Holy Spirit but also continue to listen. He is clearly well 'studied to show himself approved'. He tells the truth from what I can see. He is passionate. I care about the very same things he does especially the satanic pedovore globalists. So I'll bless Daniel with my prayers of support until the spirit prompts differently. thank you for listening.

    1. That's great unknown, you keep following a fat fucking liar. Your fat man of YAH has done absoloutly nothing to help the children. Daniel has used thier pain to make money. He has not done one bit of good exposing anything. He copies other peoples materiel. He has no sources. He steals his work from other people on the internet.

      He is fat and lazy and a gross human being and if your one of his followers you will end up like the lake of fire.....Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!