Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daniel's Horrific and Arrogant FB comments!

You know times are getting close when you have a young man come out of the closet and proclaim himself to be the voice of Yahweh by vicious attacks on others. He proclaims that he is an instrument used by the Almighty to condemn those that are not perfect - (at least in his eyes).

It is time for believers to band together and expose false prophets such as this!

Following are examples of his posts in facebook - we leave it to you to decide for yourself.  Would a prophet of Yahweh attack believers in the manner Daniel does?

(Commentator's comments in blue).
Daniel John Lee says this to Jesse... Thus saith YahShua Who is Yahweh manifest in the flesh -- You have spoken against my Holy Prophet Daniel John Lee long enough. I will laught at your calamity, I will rip you into pieces, I will cast you into everlasting fire."  Thus... saith Yahweh on this day.

Daniel John Lee says to Holly... Isaac has BLESSED me personally for my comments here.
Yah rebuke you, you foul and wicked Holly! You viper! You claim to love Messiah while you transgress against His Word and grieve His Spirit!!!

Daniel John Lee ‎says to Pansy -- Careful. You are mocking a Prophet of Yahweh.

Daniel John Lee says to Gene -- you idiot. You Christians love to MISUSE scripture, don't you?  Thus saith Yahweh, even YahShua who is Yahweh manifest in the flesh -- I will destroy you Joseph Garcia. You think it is a light think to speak aganst My servant, Daniel John Lee? I tell you the truth, I, even I, the Almight...y Yah, will smite you. I will destroy you.  Thus saith YahShua who is the First and the Last.

Daniel John Lee--A couple weeks ago, a dear married couple came to me and gave me a Word. The wife told me that Yah was about to send a Godly woman into my life to join me in marriage. I am soooo excited to meet her! And do mighty exploits with her for YahShua and His Torah!!!! :)

Daniel John Lee--About 2 weeks ago, a dear sister in Yah, (her name here), gave me a Word from Yah. She said a YahShua-loving woman was standing just behind me, about ready to step forward and join me in marriage. Where are you Daughter of Israel? Where are you Godly woman? Do not be afraid. Now is the time to follow in the foot steps of Rebecca!

Daniel John Lee --Where are you woman of Yahweh????

Daniel John Lee-- Thank you, Theresa! According to the prophetic word given to me, she will be showing up VERY VERY VERY soon!!! :)

I know one thing -- whoever my future wife is, she has got to be a very special woman to be able to endure the ministry Yah has given me. It is one spiritual battle after another, very intense, and yet so very satisfying to oppose strange fire and exalt YahShua and His Truth! She will have to be one of a kind! :)

Something just occurred to me. YahShua CANNOT return for His Bride right now, because His Bride is not pure enough for Him yet. Maybe the reason no woman of Yah has come to marry me is because I have become so holy and pure, there is not a woman out there who is ready for me. Perhaps my life is a prophetic picture!!! WOW!!!!!!!

Haley-- Um didn't "Yah" "tell" you a few months ago you would marry and have a baby girl all within a certain time period....? Yes, I specifically remember you saying you would name her a certain name. So, false prophet much? Really Daniel, just stop.

Daniel John Lee ‎says to Haley -- provide proof of your accusation or withdraw. Every accusation must come at the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses according to Torah.  (Oh, I guess Daniel forgot about this one when accusing all the 14 teachers...especially Rico Cortez and Jim Staley, which are clearly false.  See article.)

Daniel John Lee-- Exactly. I know my Yah-centered bride in waiting is out there on this planet, and hopefully the Spirit of Yah will powerfully convict her to get up to Portland ASAP so we can get this consummated and MOVE ON TO DO MIGHTY EXPLOITS FOR YAH!

Daniel John Lee--Drum roll, please . . . go grab your popcorn and enjoy my latest movie for Torah Restoration Ministries . . .
My role given to me by YahShua 

Daniel John Lee-- Thanks, Josh! Did you like chapter 10?

Josh Giambrone--  i havent listend to it yet but am looking foward to it!! thanx for sending to my inbox and letting me know it was posted. btw, ive have imensly injoyed many of micheal roods teachings but i noticed to spirit of greed (and sometimes rudeness...,which is his gimmic but un-godly) for some time. its always about money. he seems to put so much emphasis on it which is something that never sat right with me and drove me away from the "church" institutions. theres nothing wrong for asking for donations humbely but it comes off like hes trying to con ppl sometimes(hes very salesman like). what about faith that YAH will provide? asking in faith in Yahushas name what we need that the Father may be glorified???
james 4:6 God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble but i do very much like brad scott and i hope would have taken your concerns to him first as a brother out of love. i personally dont feel he belonged on the list

Daniel John Lee  Josh -- yes, you are correct about Michael Rood. He is 100% evil.
As for Brad Scot -- the MAN SOLD ITEMS ON SHABBAT!!!! and he has set himself up as a teacher in the Messianic mvoement for YEARS!!!  (Where is your proof, Daniel and witnesses?)
How can you be such a pencil necked wimp, h...ow can you be so luke warm, as to suggest I should have gone to him privately?  Yah looks at Brad Scott as PURE DUNG and will flush that vile man down the toilette VERY VERY soon!!!!See More  (Wow, is all I have to say here).

Josh--  lol i dont know very much about brad and michael and brad where the only two men i know of on your list. i watched some of brad teachings on biblical hebrew that were very good and he helped with with some things through email. i only came... to the truth of Messiah not long ago so im not very familiar with your messianic "scene"  i suggested it because it seemed righteous to me. maybe he would he seen youre point. it doesnt seems like u are loving like Yahusha loved and commanded us do likewise  james 4:6 God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble

Daniel John Lee says... Josh -- you are but a babe in the faith. Please, leave the manly work for us fathers in the faith. I am a father in the faith.  Brad Scott openly sold items on shabbat in summer of 2010. Brad knows this is evil. But he doesn't care.  Brad w...ill roast for eternity.  Any questions?  I sure hope not.  And yes, James 4:6 is EXACTLY the reason Yah will smite Brad Scott into everlasting fire with His Omnipotent Fist!

Jen says on her friends wall... Are you going to watch on livestream Steph?

Friend says-I am and I can't wait!!!

Stephanie-- I'll be there Jen! I'll wave at you :)

Daniel John Lee--Great things to happen? By the power and authority of the Ruach, washed in the Blood of YahShua, I ask you to please READ these trilogy of articles I wrote to see how Brad Scott, Bill Cloud and Rico Cortes are all interconnected in a web of... deceit and kabbalistic lies which will eventually enthrone the very anti-messiah.  You can read these documented stories here:
For I tell you the Truth even as YahShua said thousands of years ago, if it were possible, even the very elect will be deceived . . .

Stephanie says...Stephanie has visited with our long time friend Rico and he confirms that he does wear blue in his tzit tzit's as commanded. He also said "if you don't agree with something I say, please show me the scripture or bring it to my attention and I will repent and change it". Praise YHWH!!

Erica-- ‎:) Praise YAH!

Jen-- Fantastic, Stephanie!!! Thank you for solving the mystery once and for all. ;-)

Suzanne-- thanks so much for going to the source and asking... we should all take an example from that! :)

Daniel John Lee-- Give him my number. He needs to be rebuked for wearing such light colored blue that they LOOK white -- scripture tells us to avoid the very appearance of evil and he is not avoiding this. I need to give him a stern rebuke!

Daniel John Lee--What an awesome and sobering day of ministry. Gained some friends. Lost some others. YahShua is sooo very good. A baptism of fire like no other is taking hold of my life. I feel so close to Abba. May I continue to press deeper into Him! May I make His Torah honorable in all I do.

Tamara-- what exatly are we aloud to do on shabbat? December 18 at 9:08pm

Daniel John Lee--  It is easier to go by what we are NOT allowed to do on shabbat.  We are NOT allowed to buy and sell.  We are NOT allowed to kindle a fire to cook food.  We are NOT allowed to cause others to work for us.  Other than that -- THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!!!

Daniel John Lee--I can see the PERFECT Spirit of Yahweh within me has made quite a few men and woman who serve the jezebel spirit VERY angry at me due to my latest article in defending Apostle Paul. They just hate I Timothy 2, don't they? I love how the WORD exposes people!

Daniel John Lee--Ever since I awoke at 2:30 in the morning on Sun to give the prophetic Word, Yah has had me in INTENSE spiritual immersion of Ruach. Now, on this 5th day of the week -- things have calmed down a bit. The enemy has been routed in many places on my fb wall -- and peace reigns.

One battle is over. The next one looms. I now take advant...age of this rest to draw closer to my precious YahShua . . .

Flor says to Daniel--   I wish I could hear you preach! People will sooner or later realize that you preach to them out of love and not condemnation. May Yah open their eyes and hearts to receive Truth. (I wonder how many people are following this guy without a clue to his actions.)

Daniel John Lee-- EXACTLY Tamara!!!! Awesome comments! Deborah is most certainly filled with the spirit of anti christ with her murky and sin-filled mangling of the Word.

Daniel John Lee--Update from the Battle Front -- My prophetic Word against the Messianic and Hebrew Roots movement has so shaken their kingdoms, that now Jim Staley has sent his wife to confront me.  (See other article that exposes more of Daniel's lies.)

Daniel John Lee-- She defends them entering into an agreement with the hotel in breaking shabbat by saying that Messiah only asks us to try and do what is right, but we may stumble at time. Wrong. YahShua said there is no try -- only do or do not. See Matthew 5:48.

Joseph-- then tell my why our salvation worked on the sabbath? It was for personal gain, this issue will bring the real understanding of his instruction and will clear the 7 day of creation, so daniel what does you voice say about it, i am very interested on hearing from you.

Daniel John Lee-- YahShua did NOT work on the shabbat. He NEVER did. Healing is not work.  Entering into an agreement with a hotel which buys and sells food on shabbat IS WORK and YahShua -- who was, is and is to come -- WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING!  NEVER.

Daniel John Lee And James -- the reason Yah had me publically proclaim the wickedness of these leaders can be found in Ezekiel 2:3-4.  There is much confusion and murkiness right now within the Messianic and Hebrew Roots mo...vement, this ought not to be.  My prophetic Word was given that it might pierce through the cloud.  It this brings Jim Staley and his wife to repentance, then I will be overjoyed.

James says--Perhaps this is why we should call no one Rabbi. Then we will not be led astray by hypocrites. I don't know that starting a war and calling out every transgression by name is the correct way to handle it. I know this means I am what you heard from Yahuah, but that is not my intent. I am discerning based on the Word. How many witnesses have established each of these transgressions? If we do not have two or more for each transgression then it should be as never having occurred to us. It is Yahuah's concern and not ours. Otherwise we will have no end to disorder and no way to prevent behaving in the same manner as those who crucified Yahusha. I know He laid His life down, but he would have had no where to lay it down had those who judged Him judged righteously.  Then of course there is the meeting with them privately, and then with a brother, then with elders and then with the whole church. There is an established order and unless we follow it, we will have chaos. What do we do if everyone on your list puts out their own similar list today. Then what? Who has the time to read through that many accusations? We could never get to the bottom of it.  The truth is we have the Truth, and we can discern truth from error. If someone has to openly rebuke a person we follow before we can see the truth, then the rebuke will truly be ours. Why? Because we were following a teacher and not the Word. To do so is foolish.  If we train and exhort in truth, the false teachings will take care of themselves. I have learned this for myself. The false teachers are part of the problem, but if you smite them their followers will scatter. They will either leave our faith all together or cling to another teacher.  This is why whoever is for us is not against us. We do not war against flesh and blood. We need to teach sound doctrine and rebuke unsound doctrine. If we encourage believers to trust the Word above all other teaching, they will be fine if they endure with the Word. Some have itching ears. They could spend a day doing yard work with their sabbath teacher and justify it. Yahusha's sheep hear His voice we have to believe this.  December 15 at 2:57pm
Then of course there is the meeting with them privately, and then with a brother, then with elders and then with the whole church. There is an established order and unless we follow it, we will have chaos. What do we do if everyone on your list puts out their own similar list today. Then what? Who has the time to read through that many accusations? We could never get to the bottom of it.
The truth is we have the Truth, and we can discern truth from error. If someone has to openly rebuke a person we follow before we can see the truth, then the rebuke will truly be ours. Why? Because we were following a teacher and not the Word. To do so is foolish.
If we train and exhort in truth, the false teachings will take care of themselves. I have learned this for myself. The false teachers are part of the problem, but if you smite them their followers will scatter. They will either leave our faith all together or cling to another teacher.
This is why whoever is for us is not against us. We do not war against flesh and blood. We need to teach sound doctrine and rebuke unsound doctrine. If we encourage believers to trust the Word above all other teaching, they will be fine if they endure with the Word. Some have itching ears. They could spend a day doing yard work with their sabbath teacher and justify it. Yahusha's sheep hear His voice we have to believe this.

James Reed-And don't get me wrong. I just think such open rebuke based on works is wrong. Works are the evidence of our faith, but not the fruit of it, not that I have gathered. Anyone can set apart the sabbath to gain credibility among us, and can violate another's interpretation of it. In this case I'm not saying that I disagree with the interpretation, but Jaime raises a good point. Was the staff even serving them or is this an assumption because it was held at a hotel. There would be no difference if they carried the food into a meeting place themselves and others serving them really. It's just a matter of who does the work. This could be leading back to whether we should be having meetings on the sabbath at all. Does anyone want to go there? We must be very careful when judging another's service because they are another's servant.

Daniel John Lee-- James -- that is exactly what my controversial article did -- it rebuked unsound doctrine. Doctrine is defined as -- how we live our lives. (No, you are wrong Daniel, it is actually defined as... a belief or system of beliefs accepted as authoritative by some group or people.)  I made it very clear that these 14 teachers, while they claim with their mouths that they love ...Torah and love YahShua, their actions (doctrine) show a completely different story.  There is scriptural precedent not to go to a leader privately but instead rebuke publically before all that others might fear, tremble and believe.
For example, Ezekiel went in public proclamation against the confederate leaders of the religious and political echelons of Apostate Israel/Judah.
This is what I have done.  Furthemore, even Apostle Paul rebuked Apostle Peter in front of everyone in the book of Galatians.  Yes, normally you do go privately to a fellow brother.  But the 14 men on this list are NOT my brothers. They are wolves, pretending to be sheep, and Yahweh wants them exposed that babes in the faith will not be misled.

Jaime says--Where is the line from working and doing good on the Sabbath? I am referring to going to a congregation. Isn't it good to meet and break bread with brethren? I am not going to deny that it does bother me that people can't just bring ther...e dirty plates home and wash them at sunset . What if that was the only time it would work for people to hear the word? Is that what he meant by Sabbath was made for man. Isn't more our motive? Don't get me wrong, I am not making trouble here. Daniel knows me. I am just in a very questioning season of my life. See More

Daniel John Lee-- Jaimie -- Attending a congregation is fine. As you are led by the Ruach.  My issue with the Staley's is that they are leaders who have been walking in the Torah and Spirit for many many many years, (Does Daniel know just how many years the Staley's have been walking in Torah and is there a certain time period when Daniel decides we should have Torah down pat and perfectly understood?  Please!  Who made Daniel the Torah police?)  and they provided an environment where... young babes could break Torah.  If the whole intent of the conference is to teach people how to love the Torah and YahShua -- why provide an environment with a hotel that sanctions the very act of breaking the Torah and grieving YahShua?  Buying food on the shabbat is pretty cut and dry. It's wrong.

December 15 at 8:27pm · Daniel John Lee--Cheryl Staley continued to contact me today. (If you read the conversation between Cheryl and Daniel in my other article, it seems to me Cheryl POSTED on someone elses wall... Daniel commented to her on it...and Cheryl ended by saying that all she just wanted to do on the post was clear the false accusations and not get into a debate with Daniel.  Daniel had the last word before their mutual friend shut down the post and de-friended Daniel.  Looks to me like DANIEL "continued to contact" Cheryl.  Another lie made up by Daniel). She continued to justify them making an agreement with the hotel last weekend which allowed babes in the faith to break Torah.  I offered to meet with the 2 of them so that they might be restored to the one true faith. So far, she has not responded to my offer.  (See other article that exposes this lie also).  December 15 at 8:28pm ·

Carlos says-- I understand what you are saying Daniel. I agree in part. I do believe you are right in going to the Staley's to bring this issue to the focal point. I believe that for the babes who are learning to follow torah, we must choose our words carefully. I do not mean not telling the truth. Remember what do little children do when confronted with truth? They may whine, moan, or groan, and run away from truth to something that feels right, which is not right....Thanks for clarifying.
Zec 11:17 Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.
Jer 23:1 Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the YHWH.
Eze 13:3 Thus saith Elohim; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!
Mar 6:11 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.See More

Daniel John Lee-- Carlos -what I did to the Staley's and the ohter 13 men I exposed in public is completely in line with Ezekiel 2:3-4 and also in line with what Yahweh directly told me to do.  Woe to me if I disobey Yahweh.  He told me to loudly expose these ...wicked vipers.  And that is just what I did.  And I will continue to do this more and more as the Great Return approaches.

Carlos Henderson-- I have no problem with you doing this. So many people call themselves leaders without actually leading. When you have been put in a situation to lead, things are magnified on your end and you must ensure that you are not leading the people astray. Even though their teaching may be somewhat wholesome, their action/walk must equal what they are professing to be...Followers of the Most High

Daniel John Lee  I am going to say this again -- if you sin at all you are headed for eternal destruction. You must 100% obey the Torah, and 100% love Yahshua with everything inside you. DO IT NOW! Or perish. There is no other way.

Raina Steinman- Yur talkin straight up achi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel John Lee-- You bet it. Yah is getting so sick and tired of the lukewarm. The fakes. The anti-christ devils who pretend to be servants of YahShua. He's sick of it. And there days are numbered. 

Stacy-- Can you clarify this a bit? How can one prevent sins that aren't premeditated like greed or jealousy? They can often be stopped before they result in acts, such as stealing, but the thoughts are still there.

Daniel John Lee-- They are stopped because the heart BLAZES WITH LOVE for YahShua, that one would rather die than sin!

Sheila-- Can you clear then in the Torah where it says that?  Daniel John Lee Sheila -- the Torah is from Genesis through Revelation.

Sheila- I understand that Daniel....You see I once was a Pastor until my eyes were opened to Torah. I'm just very cautious that we dont fall into the western mindset. Just asking question?

Daniel John Lee-- No problem- but you are female, are you not? So why the heck were you a pastor??????? I Timothy 2:9 through end of chapter please.  Sheila McKenzie Hey like I said, I WAS until my eyes were open.

Daniel John Lee-- HallaluYAH! Glad you repented! :)

Sheila-- I do teach however and will continue to do so.

Daniel John Lee-- Do you teach other men?

Sheila-- I know where you are going with that Daniel. My husband is not a follower of the Torah, and I have his blessing to teach. There are some in this walk that have a problem with it and some that dont.

Daniel John Lee-- If you teach other men in violation of I timothy 2:9 which is rooted in the Torah from Genesis 3, you will certainly roast in the lake of fire for all eternity.

Sheila-- Ummm are you a Messianic believer? a Gentile whose Torah observant...? Just wondering so I know where you are coming from in your writings.  Daniel John Lee-- I am a servant of YahShua.

Sheila-- Ok...not trying to be difficult here, but are you one house or two house ?

Daniel John Lee-- I believe YahShua will unite the House of Israel and the House of Yahuda at the 7th trumpet resurrection at the end of the tribulation at His Great Return. (Ezekiel 37, I Thess 4). I believe this event will occur on Yom Teruach 2017.

Sheila-- your two house. Thats cool. I cant really say to much about dates, but I do know that we are close.  There are some out there Daniel that do not have problems with women teachers and they are Torah observant also. Of course they once New Covenant believers, but now consider themselves Messianic believers. Then there are those that are torah observant gentiles. That is why I asked about you.See More

Daniel John Lee-- Torah and loving YahShua is the only road to freedom. All other roads are lies.

Daniel John Lee-- Sheila -- of you love Torah with everything inside you, you will cease teaching men. You are in open rebellion to Yah in doing so. This is not a Christian or Jewish doctrine. It is Torah.

Sheila-- Well I understand what you are trying to say ! So do you follow the 10 men rule of thumb?

Daniel John Lee-- Sheila -- why are you making light of your rebellion and changing the subject?  This is not my opinion. This is Torah.  What is wrong with you?

Sheila-- Hey I am not being hostile here...It just seems that you are the one coming across that way. Name calling and such. I have just ask some simple questions about you and you have given round about answers to some of my questions. There is nothing wrong with me sir. I have not made lite of anything, but you have been the one avoiding the questions and then trying to turn it back on me for asking......

Daniel John Lee--  Sheila -- you have confessed you teach men biblical doctrine, correct?  By your confession your are currently in rebellion to Torah.  Yet you claim to love Torah.  How can we move beyond this?  What could possibly be more important than the welfare of your eternal soul?  Actually, what could be more important than you actually LOVING Yah as He deserves rather than playing the part of a hypocrite?
You may think I am being hostile, but it is YOU who have chosen to make war with Yah. Not me.  I am asking you to stop.See More

Sheila-- We will never lead anyone to Yahshua by attacking in such a manner. We lead them by love Daniel and honestly Im not feeling that from you ...sorry...

Daniel John Lee-- That is because you do not know what true scriptural love is.  So sad. So very, very very sad.

Sheila-- I said I teach..but I never said I teach MEN said that!!.......I said my husband is not torah observant. WOW you need to go back and read what I wrote Daniel. I asked you a question that yet been answered. Then with you constant insults as to me being in rebellion. The problem is not me sir!
Sheila-- Im ending this conversation tonight Daniel. You have a blessed night and perhaps we can ask each other question later.....

Daniel John Lee-- Why won't you be HONEST with you you filthy hypocrite!!!!!!  I ASKED YOU SEVERAL TIMES IF YOU TEACH MEN!!!!!!!

Daniel John Lee-- I really don't want to talk with you again. Yahweh hates you. Psalm 5:5. Psalm 139.

Sheila -- Wow.....

Daniel John Lee-- You let me go on and on, when you KNEW you did not teach men?  Actually, you STILL have not directly answered the question.  You are so filthy. Dung.  Daniel John Lee Do you or do you not teach men biblical doctrine?  Yes or no.  It is very simple to answer and be honest, rebel.

Daniel John Lee-- Watch, Sheila is never going to directly answer the question.  Hypocrites LOVE to hide!!!!!!

Sheila-- You have issues...and that is honest. I did not intentially let you go on an on. I have other conversations going on along with yours on my IM chat. I felt I answered your questions sincerely. I would never treat anyone the way you have treated me along with the name calling. Where is the LOVE sir?

Daniel John Lee--  Shelia . . . uhhhh . . . you STILL have not answered my question.  Yes or no?  Do you or do you not teach men biblical doctrine?  Still waiting.  Daniel John Lee See folks? This is how hypocrites act. They will NEVER give you a straight answer!!!!! They LOVE to hide!!!!

Sheila--  NO...I do not, but I do teach. In my explanation above I was leaning toward many denomination do not believe in women teachers at all whether its men women or cows.  I will not take back what I said Daniel about you do have seem to be a very angry man. Perhaps you need to look within yourself after reading back on our conversation and see where you could pull up on yourself and I do say that in love.

Daniel John Lee-- Okay, so you only teach women?  Why was that so hard for you to tell me?

Sheila-- Im not a child here sir...... read the conversation like I said.

Daniel John Lee-- I just am totally bewildered as to why you didn't give me a straight answer to begin with.  And no, I am not an angry person.  You are just very confusing. Or a very bad communicator.

Sheila-- Not at all sir....I have traveled and given lectures throughout my30 years. I work with many many people all ages and never have any difficulties at all. Like I said to you once again, I had other conversations going on and I tried to communicate that to you since you thought I was being difficult. It still does not dismiss your name calling and telling me that Yeshua hates me. I do forgive you however.

Robbin-- Daniel:
there is so much good in the worst of us
and so much bad in the best of us
that it ill behooves any of us
to talk about the rest of us

Daniel John Lee  Dude -- LOOK at the conversation, you idiot.  I straight up asked her AT THE VERY top if she taught other men? And she chose to respond by saying, "Daniel, I know where this is going" and would NOT answer me straightly.  Both of you women are... idiots.  And furthermore -- you DESERVE to be called dung and to be told Yah hates you, when you cannot even answer question.
You either took too many drugs so that you cannot communicate like an intelligent adult or you are just plain wicked.

Daniel John Lee-- And if you don't like my burning passion for Yah, my ALL CONSUMING ZEAL, my 100% sinlessness and purity -- then please, remove yourself from my friends list. I only want to know and be with those WHO LOVE YAH MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THEIR LIVES!!!!!!

Daniel John Lee-- Oh, pleeeeaaaase. SPARE ME!!!! I just have to laugh at you guys now. This is like watching a circus gone mad.

Sheila-- One thing that I have dont like women! Maybe thats the issues......Good nite!

Daniel John Lee-- Uhhh . . . I love women. In fact I have many many many female friends. Even here on facebook.  But you two are just plain stupid.

Daniel John Lee Yes, that is what I have done in this thread.  Deal with it.


  1. I will NOT retract any of my Prophetic Word for my Prophetic Word was 100% completely true.

    These liars and wolves just don't like the fact that I exposed them and now they are desperate to try and justify their ongoing and continued sin!

    Fact -- Even if Cheryl and Jim want to claim I was wrong about their Salem conference -- the fact is, they violated the shabbat in a much greater way in St Louis just a few weeks ago, and they do not deny this at all. In fact Cheryl admitted to me she and her husband entered into a contract with the hotel, knowing the hotel would serve food and allow people to buy food on shabbat.

    Fact -- Rico Cortez was not wearing blue fringes in a video I saw of him. And now, though he puts blue in, the blue is SO LIGHT COLORED that they appear white. Rico does this so as not to offend the wicked talmudic jews who prefer white tzit tzit and hate the blue. Rico does this to "try and fit in".

    I believe these are the only 2 men on my 14 list that the blog is disputing. Is that correct, James?

  2. matthew 5:22-. "But I say to you, he who angers his companion is guilty of judgement; he
    who calls his brother inferior shall be guilty of judgement before the congregation;
    he who calls him a fool is guilty of the fire of Gehinnom".

    unless this man repents this verse applies to this man

  3. @ eternal -- You are a FOOL and will burn in the Lake of Fire, you piece of Laodicean vomit!

  4. @ eternal -- and you have completely misused the scriptures!!!

  5. matthew 5:38-48
    38. "Again you have heard what is said in the Torah: eye for eye, tooth for tooth,
    hand for hand, foot for foot".
    39. "But I say to you, do not repay evil for evil; but he who smites your right
    cheek provide for him the left".
    40. "He who wishes to oppose you in judgement and to rob your shirt, leave to
    him your garment".
    41. "He who asks you to go with him a thousand steps, go with him two
    42. "To him who asks from you give and from him who wishes to borrow from you
    do not hold back".
    43. Again Yʼshua said to his disciples: "You have heard what was said to those of
    long ago that you shall love the one who loves you and hate the one who hates
    44. "But I say to you, love those who hate you and pray for those who persecute
    you and oppress you",
    45. "in order that you might be sons of your Father Who is in Heaven Who
    causes His sun to shine on the good and evil and causes it to rain on the bad
    and the just".
    46. "If you love those who love you what is your reward? Do not the impudent
    love those who love them?"
    47. And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?
    48. "Be you perfect as your Father Who is in Heaven is perfect".
    romans 12:17
    Recompense to NO man EVIL for EVIL. Provide things honest in the sight of ALL men.
    1 thessalonians 5:15
    See that none render EVIL for EVIL unto ANY MAN; but ever follow that which is GOOD, both among yourselves, and to ALL MEN.


  7. @ eternal LIES -- Righteous hatred is an attribute of TRUE love. See Psalm 5:5 and Psalm 139.

    Yahweh will LAUGH at your calamity when He stuffs you into the Lake of Fire.

    I am a TRUE prophet -- but you are a wolf about to be kicked into everlasting destruction!!!


  8. Daniel, didn't you promise back in Texas that you would never again dabble in prophecy? How many different pronunciations of your God's name have you used? Do you still claim to be sinless, and for how long? Could you please explain to us how you feel about masturbation and premarital sex? When you collect money for your ministry, does it go to help the poor or keep you in a hotel that costs many times what an apartment would cost? Do you by chance stay in this hotel on the sabbath as well? Other than the youthful blunder in Texas, did you have any other prophecies go awry?

  9. what happened daniel ...did i not tell you ..that your bride to be will no longer be your bride...she wants to divorce you now...she is no longer your should listen next time ...i am praying for you ....but you need to humble yourself ...and not exalt yourself .....i pray your heart will mend .....

  10. Daniel can't reply for now because he's in jail. Thank G-d.

  11. I have had 3 interactions with Daniel and agree. He is NOT a true, adopted son of our Elohim, Yahweh. He rejects the truth I write to him and accuses me of error. He calls people names and attempts to control them. He thinks too highly of himself and thereby errs.

    He says Yahshua is Yahweh and He is NOT, He is the Son of Yahweh. Daniel does not esteem others above himself, is not patient, kind, gentle, longsuffering or willing to humble himself in any way. He says he is saved but the scripture instructs us clearly to hope for our salvation by working it out with reverence and awe.

    Daniel is arrogant, mean and totally unaware of the adversarys techniques and schemes. He is trying to separate the wheat from the chaff ahead of the end-time harvest, not realizing he is chaff. He is deaf, blind, religious and legalistic. The curses he supposedly puts on people have come down upon him. Very sad but there are millions just like him.

    Soon, the tribulation will begin and the true Sons will manifest with Yahshua and reveal the truth, that Christianity and Judaism are both dead, as with all religion. They will also reveal that we are surrounded by demons and that nearly everyone is indwelled by them. The addict and outcast will be set free as they receive deliverance and become conduits of our Fathers healing and love. The religious will be last to accept the truth that they have served the adversary to deceive the world.

    Time is short. Overcome the sins that beset you. Get away from the computer and tv. Observe the Fathers feasts, festivals and Sabbath. Reject easter and christmas and sunday worship. Prepare yourselves by being doers of the word, not just hearers.

    DO NOT JUDGE OR ACCUSE OTHERS, THEY ARE IN A SPIRIT OF SLUMBER THAT WE CANNOT WAKE THEM FROM. Make it a priority, humbly asking for the Fathers help, to unlearn all lies you might believe. FORGIVE ALL, OF EVERYTHING. Be merciful. Love.

  12. Funny how you switch from your criticism of Daniel to your hatred for Christians. You accuse Daniel Lee of judging others while doing the exact same thing. You also accuse Daniel Lee of not backing up his claims while doing the exact same thing.